Water Testing Scam

Water Testing Scam

Please Be On Alert - Valley Center Municipal Water District has received reports from other water agencies in San Diego County that a company is contacting residents claiming the water supply is contaminated and that they have been sent by the water agency to test the water at their homes.

Please be aware that your water is NOT contaminated and Valley Center Municipal Water District  (VCMWD) does not use outside companies to test your water.  Any and all testing is done by District personnel and water delivered by VCMWD consistently exceeds all state and federal water quality standards.

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If someone comes to your home claiming to be from VCMWD, ask for identification.  All District employees will always carry a photo identification issued by VCMWD, will be in marked shirts, driving white utility trucks with "CA EXEMPT" license plates and the VCMWD logo on the door panel.  We advise you not to allow these individuals to enter your home.  Further, you should call the San Diego Sheriff's Department (760) 736-2140.  Provide the Sheriff with a physical description of the individual and license plate number if possible.  As an alternative you may call the District if you receive contact from someone stating they work for the District and need access to your home.  We would appreciate having the information and will also notify the Sheriff's Department.

VCMWD's number is (760) 735-4500 and can be called 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day.